At first I was looking to emulate the Barnhard Blog’s design, which I’ve deduced to be just a modified Kubrick with a fancy page menu at the top. I was all set to make a new theme out of trial-and-error, stripping Kubrick down to bare essentials and building it up again.

Then I chanced upon the lovely Modern theme – it really looks fantastic. So after about 15 minutes of playing around with fonts and colours, and putting in a new header image, I’ve got a spankin’ new layout for this site.

The large number of great WordPress themes are really spoiling me. Seriously. At this rate, this site’ll never have its own unique theme.

And my Internet access has been intermittently disconnecting for no reason whatsoever. Stupid Singnet! The damn DSL line has been unstable for the past week, and today it’s at its worst.

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